I’m back baby!

I’m back baby!

I got my scooter back from the shop. Had to get new tires put on it because I had found a bubble on the rear tire and the front one had a pretty consistent leak that was getting irritating as poop. When I got the tires replaced though, the mechanic told me that the reason it was leaking was because the valve stems in the tire were the original Chinese ones and they have a tendency to leak air…

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news flash: bbc finally does something right

Listen up college kiddies that think your drunken escapades don’t matter!

Ooh, and bonus Colin Salmon.

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Seriously nothing pisses me off more than seeing this shit all over tumblr. Get over it and let people support whatever they want, regardless of who they are.

(I really hate drawing comics)

The stupid thing about hating people who support things and ‘don’t know what it’s like’ is that you are missing the point of your whole protest. Aren’t you protesting to get more awareness amongst people who didn’t suffer through it? You don’t need to get a person who has been discriminated on your team, because fat chance is that they are already on your side. It’s the ‘white people’ that do not get discriminated that you want to notice your cause and support it. Why else are you protesting?

I hit reblog on this so fast, my laptop caught fire and is still smouldering. I am 100% pro-ally as a fat person AND a queer person.

Allies for anything is 1000% a okay as long as they don’t expect cookies for being allies.

reblogging THREE TIMES

(via mistageko)

(via mistageko)

oh, there was so much fear in her heart. x


Just a masterpost of my Elemental!Elsa/Free series :) - I’ll be adding more :) - 

  1. Brisa, who controls Air
  2. Kurai, who controls Shadows
  3. Hikari, who controls Light
  4. Adhira, who controls Lighting
  5. Ignis, who controls Fire
  6. Rosa, who controls Earth (Just plants not ground/rocks)
  7. Marina, who controls Water
  8. Lamia, who can create poison out of nowhere
  9. Sierra, who controls  Earth (Ground/Rocks)

If you have any ideas my inbox is open :3

Finally back into posting.

Finally back into posting.

I really need to start getting back into the habit of posting regularly. I recently ordered parts for my scooter. Two new wheels, a new air filter and new mirrors (the one on the right and the one I look in most often doesn’t like to stay up, it would rather give just one section of my arm a pretty sun burn or give me a fantastic view of the asphalt instead of any cars that would be behind me.)


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Makeup Transformations by Stephanie Fernandez

Workin’ at the grindstone.

Workin’ at the grindstone.

So sorry about my absence lately. I’ve been so very busy with work that I haven’t had the opportunity to get on here. Gotta love 12 hour days and all that. Paycheck was amazing though. An update on the scooter: I have been driving it nearly everyday since I last was online. Unfortunately it’s doing that funky red-lining thing and now I can’t go over 30mph on it. I’m going to take it to the shop…

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